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We very much appreciate receiving the
following awards for our site.

(Just click on the award to visit that site.)

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Our site was featured on ZDTV (Ziff-Davis) 'Call For Help' program!

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Cyberhikes Award For Most Outstanding Hiking Web Site

This award, from CyberHike, is presented to
"outstanding websites that are devoted to the subject of hiking."

"We commend you for creating an excellent website."

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Wizard of the Web Award

This award, from MikenShari's homepage, is presented to
websites that are attractive, well-designed and creative. It is
given to sites that make a significant contribution to the
Internet community.

"You've earned the award and the admiration of your peers."

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Majon Seal of Excellence

"You have worked hard to design and develop your web
site service and information.  Your web site is well worth
visiting and is considered to be outstanding in its presentation.


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