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Cooking Gear

Forest Pic

Stove w/fuel - Lightweight & sturdy.  We have a Gaz w/ a propane-butane cartridge.

Pot - Lightweight stainless steel or aluminum pot.  Carla got me a set of Evolution cookware for Father's Day.  They're lightweight & teflon coated on both sides for easy cleaning.

Frying pan - Lightweight with non-stick coating & folding handle

Silverware - Lexan plastic are light & strong

Cup - Insulated with lid.

Bowl - Plastic bowl.

Plate - Lightweight plastic. (We use paper plates.)

Spatula - Small, plastic spatula is very useful.

Grill - Lightweight backpacking grill sets right over campfire. Great for cooking fish or keeping water hot.

Coffee pot - Lightweight stainless steel or aluminum pot. (Optional)

Baggies - Many uses. We also take a plastic garbage bag.