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1st Aid Kit

Forest Pic

Pouch - Bought a small, zippered pouch with pockets at Wal-Mart for $9.

Snakebite Kit - Lots of rattlesnakes in Northern California.

Ibuprofen - My favorite painkiller. Good for muscle aches too. We also carry some aspirin & Tylenol.

Moleskin - Great for blisters.

1st Aid Creme - For cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, etc. (Small tube.)

Neosporin - Helps heal open cuts & sores. (Small tube.)

Benadryl Stick - Relieves insect bites.

Imodium AD - Diarrhea on the trail can be very miserable.

Antacid - Camp food can give you gas & make for a lousy night's sleep.

Alcohol/iodine Wipes - For sterilizing wounds.

Q-tips - Many uses.

Band-Aids - For bandaging small wounds.

Cloth Tape - For taping bandages. (Small roll)

Gauze - For bandaging larger wounds, making slings, etc. (Small roll)

Antihistamine - For bee & wasp stings.

Deep Heat Rub - For sore muscles. (Small tube.)

Tweezers - To remove splinters.

Rubber Gloves - For protection against infection.