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Miscellaneous Gear

Forest Pic

Reading book - Sittin' by the lake, soakin' in some rays, feedin' the brain.

Reading glasses - For us old geezers.

Camera/film - To capture those lifetime memories.

Thermorest chair - Expensive ($45) but turns your sleeping pad into a comfort station.

Camp towel - Lightweight, dries fast, many uses.

Washcloth - To wash your face with hot water 1st thing in the morning or last thing before retiring. Refreshing!

Binoculars - For checking out the bald eagle's nest or those spectacular views. (I have a lightweight monocular.)

Star chart - For checking out the constellations from your mountain top camp.

Playing cards - For those rainy days stuck in a tent with the kids.

Map - A topo map can be very helpful, essential if you're going off trail.

Lantern - It gets pitch black in the woods at night. We have one that fits on the stove's fuel bottle.

Walking stick - Very helpful for keeping your balance while crossing small streams. Many other uses. Find a good one along the way. (Our friend Jim made us some for Christmas presents!!)