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Survival Kit

Forest Pic

Batteries - Two extra AA batteries for Maglite. Nothing like being lost in the dark forest at night.

Fire Starter - Wax or magnesium fire starter to help get wet wood burning when you're cold & hungry.

Matches - Waterproof matches to get the fire starter going.  A small butane lighter is handy.

Emergency blanket - A foil blanket to stave off the bitter cold & reserve precious body heat.

Whistle - The best way to attract attention while saving energy for more important priorities.

Mirror - Small camper's mirror to redirect the sun's light to signal for help or start a fire.

Shoelace - To replace a broken one, make a sling, tie up a lean-to, ad infinitum.

Pencil & Paper - Leaving notes or writing your last thoughts as death takes possession of your hapless soul.

Knife Sharpener - Plastic or small stone for keeping your pocketknife sharp.

Purification Tablets - In case your water filter clogs or gets lost.

Duct Tape - About 6 feet wrapped around a piece of straw.  Many uses.

Sewing kit - Sewing on buttons, repairing clothing & equipment, removing splinters.

Rubber bands - Many uses.