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Here are some lists of the gear we haul into the woods.  They are fairly extensive because Bill spent years in the Boy Scouts and that "Be Prepared" stuff is branded on his brain. 

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Essentials

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Survival Kit

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)First Aid Kit

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Clothing

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Personal Care

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Cooking Gear

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Fishing gear

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Miscellaneous

right2a.jpg (645 bytes)Checklist

As we become more experienced & accumulate better gear, we are taking a closer look at how much things weigh & what we really need to take on any given trip.   Ten pounds can make the difference between a fun, comfortable trip & a back-breaking, miserable one. But don't skimp on the essentials (1st Aid, water tablets, etc.) because, after all, you DO want to Be Prepared.

For great tips on lightening the load visit our friends at: The Lightweight Backpacker.  For tips & advice on gear from other backpackers visit the discussion forums at Backpacker Magazine Base Camp.  

We've accumulated a lot of gear by giving it to each other for gifts (Christmas, birthday, etc.), buying it used from our gearhead friends, & hitting the yard sales.  You can rent the expensive stuff from outdoor shops before you make an investment.

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