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Camp Site Tips

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Campsite Selection:

  • Locate your site at least 100 feet away from trails & water sources.
  • Select a site with adequate drainage (don't dig trenches around your tent).
  • In general, select a site which has already been used to eliminate further expansion of camping impact.
  • When possible, position your tent so it blends with the environment.
  • Protect live trees & brush & avoid areas with delicate plants.
  • Return your camp to its natural condition before you leave.


  • Dispose of human waste by selecting a screened spot at least 100 feet away from water sources, campsites, & trails. Dig a small hole 3 to 4 inches deep & fill the hole with soil after use. Burn, bury or pack out toilet paper.
  • Wash dishes with hot, soapless water as much as possible. Dispose of "gray" water at least 100 feet from water sources.
  • Pack out all trash, including aluminum foil & organics.
  • Dispose of fish entrails by burying.