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Bill BrashearsBill was born and raised in Northern California, and now lives in the foothills southwest of Redding with his little dog, three cats, and two obnoxious birds.

He has three daughters who have grown into strong and competent women, a step-son who is a computer whiz, three grandchildren who are the gleam in Grandpa’s eye,  and a few ex-wives who check in now and again to make sure he’s still kicking.

After serving a tour of duty in Vietnam (1970-71), Bill attended Chico State University and majored in journalism.  In the early days, he worked a lot of odd jobs including farm labor, cooking, dish washing, driving forklift, lumber milling, house painting. He was a mailman in a rural town before getting drafted into the Army and later worked in a mobile home factory for a year where he learned a lot about construction.

While in college he got a job as a substitute bus driver for the developmentally disabled and started a 25-year career in the transportation industry, managing public transit systems and social service transportation programs for the disabled.

A political junkie from an early age, Bill served on the Chico City Council in early 80’s and was the Democratic candidate for California State Assembly in 1992.

As a sideline creative outlet, he taught himself desk-top publishing, web site design and marketing strategies. He has created numerous newsletters, brochures, flyers, display ads, and web sites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.  From 2007-09, he was the Director of Marketing and Communications for NonProfits United, an insurance pool for nonprofit agencies which he helped create in the late 80's.

Since retiring in 2010, Bill works part-time as a marketing consultant and web site developer for local community service and veterans organizations while concentrating on his one true love – writing.

Bill's short story Indifference was awarded "Honorable Mention" in the 2015 Writer's Digest Writing Competition.



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