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A smattering of reviews and comments about the books and Bill's writing:

Train to New Orleans

"The writing here is lean and rich with this author’s passion for telling a compelling tale.  The book is well structured…allowing the characters and the unexpected plot twists to develop believably….  Mr. Brashears writes engaging narratives starring an interesting assortment of believable characters, and the characterization is memorable throughout.  These various characters are, individually and collectively, certainly strong enough to carry this volume of tales, which prompts the reader’s interest in always wanting to know what will happen next."

Judge 39, Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Competition

"I wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to you and your incredible book. I've read it twice now and I still go back and read different passages.  Please keep us posted on when we can get our hands on some new material from this great author."

Marty McGee

"I just love your dark and twisty little mind."

Terra Rohlfs

“I really like your stories.  I wish I was as weird as you.”

Marcie Young


I’m The Guy The Bartender Tells His Troubles To

"This is an honest and interesting collection from a man who knows his mind, and knows how to express it.  I appreciated the gut honesty of author Bill Brashears. Via a wide range of emotions from rage to frustration to resignation, he deals effectively with love, betrayal, loss, and a multitude of other subjects.  I found these poems to be well-constructed and insightful.  Kudos to the author!"

Judge 60, Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Competition




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