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Here are some sample stories, poems & quips from my books, plus some new unpublished stuff. If you like what you read, buy a book or two (they make great presents).

Warning!  Rated R for indecent language, graphic violence, sexual situations, nudity, substance abuse, and blatant stupidity.  See additional disclaimers below. 

All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader or similar program to access them. 

The Train to New Orleans

I'm The Guy the Bartender...

The Writer's Digest Award Winner:

Indifference (4 pages)
A chance meeting with a tortured soul

War Stories:

A Day in the Life (10 pages)
One day in Vietnam

It Is Dark (60 pages)
My ultimate story about going to war

Letters (19 pages)
Three letters from the war zone

Madness & Murder:

The Train to New Orleans (30 pages)
A vacation trip with a twist or two

Jimbo (4 pages)
Poor Jimbo fucks up

A Man Like You (2 pages)
Fateful words of the clueless

The Key to the Unknown (3 pages)
A little science fiction to mix things up


[Note: Pages are 8 1/2 x 11, double-spaced]


To Fuck Or Not To Fuck

One Of The Good Things About Getting Old


I Watch You Laugh



New Stuff (Unpublished or in draft)


Exploding Head (3 pages)
Another war story

A Night to Forget (8 pages)
Funny story about an old fool who almost got laid one night.


Memorial Day

OR-7 (Lone Wolf)


“Writers take tours in other people’s lives, and readers must be canny enough to understand that some writers like to play a mean little game of misdirection when it looks as if they’re inviting entry into the private back rooms of the writer himself.” — Harlan Ellison

Although some of these writings may have been inspired by true incidents, they are all works of fiction. They are wholly and completely products of the author’s imagination which is prone to exaggeration, distortion, flights of fancy, hallucinations, and bald-faced lies.

Additionally, while some of the characters may be based on people the author may have known, or compilations thereof, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, including the author and any of his friends, family, acquaintances, ex-wives, or complete strangers is purely coincidental and subject to plausible deniability. Not a word is true! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

“Writers just make shit up.” — Bill Brashears



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