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courage and sacrifice of all the men and women
who served their country during the Vietnam War.

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The Vietnam Veterans Monument will be funded entirely by private donations. Efforts are under way to raise the $300,000 needed to build the project and provide for ongoing maintenance.

“HOPE”, the centerpiece of the Monument, is a concave bullet-shaped cast bronze sculpture designed by local artist and Vietnam combat veteran, Gideon Carl Turner III.

Depicting a dramatic action moment during the war, cutout silhouettes feature an inbound Medivac helicopter and two soldiers running under fire while carrying a stretcher with a wounded comrade.

The sculpture is pierced by three bullet holes and encircled by a bas relief of a rice paddy. When completed, it will stand 20’ tall, 12’ wide, and weigh 4,000 lbs.

Future proposed plans include a Meditation Site, a small replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and an Information Kiosk. All of these elements will be tied together with the Cemetery Memorial Trail.

The California Department of Veterans Affairs has approved the design of the Monument and the Northern California Veterans Cemetery has designated a site for its placement near the entrance to the cemetery grounds.


For More Information Contact:
Mike Wiley
Carl Turner
13885 Kitty Hawk Ln
Redding, CA 96003
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Dog Tag Plaques
Dog Tag Plaque
Each plaque will be 4.5” x 2.75” granite, etched with the Veteran's Name, Branch of Service and Service Dates. Donors of $250 will receive as a gift one of a pair of plaques as a reminder of their veteran’s service to our country. The second plaque will be displayed along the path to the Monument.  More...
Partners & Volunteers

HandshakeWe are seeking working partnerships with community organizations, veterans groups and businesses who can help promote the project or defray costs. Volunteers are needed to help with activities and events. More...
Partners & Sponsors:
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